Looking for modest clothing? Here's what to buy

Looking for modest clothing? Here's what to buy

Modest dresses

Modest fashion is becoming more popular by the day. In the contemporary world, many believe that wearing skin-revealing outfits makes you look 'cool.' Nothing could be further from the truth. But the increase in popularity of modest clothing shows that you can look just as classy in clothes that show less skin.

But where can you find top-quality modest clothing? Unlike modern, revealing outfits, finding the ideal modest clothes can be a challenge. Before we go into that, let's first discuss some reasons why women wear modest clothing.

Why do women dress modestly?

Religion/culture - This is one of the main reasons women dress modestly in many parts of the world. For instance, Muslim women have worn the abaya (a loose-fitting black dress that covers most of their bodies) for centuries. Women in cultures where modest dressing is mandatory cannot emulate the dressing codes of women in the western world.

Fortunately, many young women in these cultures are adding some flair to their outfits. No one wants to wear ill-fitting garments with dull colours. And the good thing is that they add some style to their clothing while adhering to the rules of dressing in their cultures.

Preference - People have different tastes when it comes to fashion. While some women love skin-revealing outfits, others are pretty content wearing modest clothing. One of the reasons for this is that some women dress modestly from a young age, so they may choose to continue with the style when they're older. Also, others love mixing modern and conservative styles. Note that modest clothing is also favourable for cold seasons like winter, where you need to cover your body and wear layers to stay warm.

The benefits of dressing modestly

Do you love skin-revealing clothing but would love to try modest dressing? Here are some benefits of wearing modest clothing:

1. It helps you gain respect

The simplicity of modest clothing will help you gain respect in the corporate world and from family and friends. What's makes them stand out is the fact that they can be worn virtually anywhere. So it doesn't matter if you are going to meet older people or your peers.

It also indicates that you don't need to seek validation from anyone. People will hold you in high esteem when you don't go the extra mile to catch their attention with your dress code. So, stock up those dresses and jumpsuits so you can quickly slip into them whenever you need to go out.

2. You never have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction

When attending an event, a wardrobe malfunction is one of the worst things that could happen to you. Nip slips, popped buttons, and ripped clothing will leave you embarrassed. You're more prone to these wardrobe disasters when wearing tight-fitting and skin-revealing clothing.

You can avoid this problem by dressing modestly. Modest clothing usually involves layering, so if a part of your clothing tears, there's always a piece of clothing to cover it up. You won't need to leave the event immediately or rush to the bathroom to try and fix the issue.

The good thing is, modest clothes are also great for the summer or hot weather. All you need to do is look for clothing made of breathable and lightweight material, and you're good to go.

3. It makes you self-confident

Boosting self-confidence is another great benefit of modest fashion. Many women believe modest fashion is all about covering most of your skin. But it is much more than that. Dressing modestly shows that you're not letting your body or skin define who you are.

It allows people to focus on your personality rather than your physical parts. In addition, it shows that you are comfortable in your own skin and don't need to reveal parts of your body to stand out.

And by modest clothing, we don't mean wearing dull loose-fitting clothing that makes you look unattractive. You can always find modest clothing that fits you well and matches your tastes. The clothes will highlight all the important parts of your body, such as the curves. Therefore, you can dress modestly and still look classy and sophisticated.

This is the main reason you should wear modest clothing to an interview. You will come across as self-assured and ready to tackle any challenges that come your way. Also, when doing a presentation, your audience will be more focused on what you're saying rather than your dress code.

4. They don't go out of style

The timelessness and simplicity of modest clothing are things that set it apart from other types of clothing. Come to think of it, women have dressed modestly for many decades and continue to do so. The only thing that's changed today is that modest clothing is more fashionable.

5. Modest clothing is cosy

What's the point of an outfit if it doesn't make you feel comfortable? Women who regularly wear more skin revealing and tight-fitting clothing usually have to care about their movements. With a short skirt, for instance, you will not move as fast as you want. Also, you will have to take care not to reveal more of your skin when sitting down.

You never have to worry about these challenges with modest clothing. They're usually the right fit and just as stylish as the more skin-revealing garments. And they are perfect for any event - whether you are attending a meeting or going shopping with the girls.


The best of modest clothing: Our best picks

Modest womens capes

Light Linen Capes: Our magical linen capes are high-quality and designed to complement any style. The capes come in light brown and white colours and are available in multiple sizes. You can wear it with our light linen jumpsuit to create an elegant look that will turn heads.

Womens jumpsuit
Linen Jumpsuits: You will be comfortable in our linen jumpsuits if you live in hotter areas or during the summer season. They can be worn in many different places such as the mall, restaurant, or office. The jumpsuits come in brown, white, pink, and beige colours and are available in all sizes.

Womens co ord set
Co ords:
Made from luxury Italian linen, our co ords are functional and stylish. These incredible two-piece sets are perfect for the office, lunch dates, or shopping. They're available in all sizes and come in beige, brown, cream, and pink colours.

Womens blue dress
Luxury Linen Dresses:
These classic and dashing dresses are handcrafted in Italy and are available in various styles to cater to different tastes. All sizes are available, and you can choose from blue, white, and beige colours.

Clearly, stylishness and functionality are the standouts in modest clothing. You will be cosy and look fabulous in our outfits in any setting. Our products are designed to enhance your style as well as provide maximum comfort.



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