Garment Care Instructions

Gain access to expert guidance that will empower you to uphold the pristine quality and impeccable cleanliness of your cherished Linen clothing pieces. By incorporating these insightful tips into your routine, you'll effectively contribute to the extension of their lifespan, ensuring lasting enjoyment and satisfaction.



Cold to Warm gentle machine wash only

This indicates that your clothes are too delicate . Make sure the temperature water is at or below 30°C.


Do not bleach

Do not Bleach - Soak or Wring

 Do not tumble dry

You can not tumble dry your clothes.


Drip Dry

Drip dry without delay


Iron - Warm iron only

2 dot is a cool iron temperature of 150°C.


Dry Clean

Dry cleanable

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How to Properly Take Care of Your Linen Clothes 

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