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Discover the Perfect Blend of Modesty and Fashion with G Linen World: Voted as One of The Best Abaya Brands for Summer 2023 by Harper's Bazaar Arabia!

According to Harper's Bazaar Arabia, G Linen World has been recognized as one of the top abaya brands that combines trendy fashion with modesty for summer 2023. The article highlights their collection of colorful travel abayas that embrace modernity and innovation, while staying in line with the latest fashion trends.

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Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, with a rich history spanning 150 years and over 40 international editions, serves as a fashion resource for women who are keen on being early adopters of the finest products, covering everything from casual wear to high-end couture, luxury lifestyle, art, and interiors. The magazine, launched across the GCC on March 1, 2007, holds the distinction of being the most influential English-language monthly fashion and lifestyle publication in the region. It serves as a trusted authority on style and sophistication, catering to elegant, educated, and fashion-savvy women.


G Linen World is renowned for its world-class contemporary and chic linen clothing, catering to women who seek a blend of modesty and fashion-forwardness. The collection features sets comprising of pants, a blouse, and a lightweight, practical capes made from 100% Italian linen fabric, perfect for traveling and perfect for the summer or warmer climates. These designs allow women to maintain their modesty and elegance simultaneously.

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Another great new, G Linen World Launches Highly-Anticipated Men's Collection Made of 100% Pure Linen, this collection is a harmonious blend of unparalleled comfort, eye-catching colors, and lightweight designs, tailored exclusively for the scorching weather of Dubai.

G Linen World understands the need for men to stay effortlessly fashionable in the blistering heat. That's why they have poured their expertise into curating a range of garments that will elevate any gentleman's fashion game. The use of pure linen ensures utmost breathability and allows for optimal air circulation, keeping you cool, comfortable, and confident even in the hottest of days.

Dal Suolo Collection


 Our Dal Suolo Collection: Where Simplicity and Elegance Harmonize with Nature's Language. Explore our latest line of 100% authentic Italian linen, featuring exclusive designs for both men and women. Discover timeless classics like linen trousers, fashionable linen cardigans, breezy linen shirts perfect for the summer season, and, of course, our renowned linen abayas, capes, and kaftans. Crafted with earthy, captivating colors that stand the test of time, these garments will become staples in your wardrobe, making you feel trendy and fashion-forward each time you wear them.

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Last but not least, we invite you to embark on a journey of style and refinement with G Linen World's Collections crafted from 100% pure Italian linen. Our commitment to blending modesty with the latest fashion trends ensures that you will find pieces that resonate with your personal style. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your wardrobe with our captivating and evergreen designs. Explore our shop today and experience the essence of elegance and chic.


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