5 Linen Dresses That Are Perfect For Warmer Climates

5 Linen Dresses That Are Perfect For Warmer Climates

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If you live in a warm climate, you already understand how important it is to wear clothes made from the right fabric. When it gets warm, you sweat, and if your clothes are made of materials like cotton, they stick to your body, making you feel uncomfortable. You can avoid this by wearing linen dresses.

Made from cellulose fibers found in the stalks of the flax plant, linen is one of the best natural fabrics in the world. It is also one of the oldest as Ancient Egyptians first made it. The wealthy mainly wore linen clothing, probably because the plant took long to mature and required skilled garment-makers to craft them.

Why linen clothes are suitable for a warm climate

Linen dresses, blouses, tunics, shirts, and trousers are perfect for the summer or warmer climates. Here are some reasons why:

They get rid of moisture

Moisture-wicking clothes are ideal for hot weather. When you sweat, the absorbent linen fabric quickly removes moisture from your body. Because of its molecular structure, linen doesn’t get damp easily as it releases moisture as soon as it absorbs it. Research shows that it can absorb up to 20% of its weight before it starts to feel sticky.

So if you’re out there and it feels as though you’re inside an oven, you can always count on your linen clothes to wick away your sweat. This way, your clothing won’t be clammy, and you will stay dry and cosy. This property makes the linen fabric act as a cooling system for your body.

Linen clothes are long-lasting

You can easily overspend on clothing, especially if you usually don’t have linen on your shopping list when going to a store. Linen provides the durability you need.

Linen is actually the strongest natural fabric, and this gives it an edge over materials like synthetic fiber. Garments made from other materials may wear out and lose their quality every time they are washed. The opposite happens with linen.

Instead of losing its quality, linen becomes softer and more comfortable to wear after washing. So, with linen, you can say goodbye to going out to buy new and fresh clothes every few weeks.

Linen is breathable

Linen gets its breathability from its natural fibers and weave. Synthetic fabrics typically have poor breathability meaning the clothes become sticky when you sweat. If you have to go out every day or work in an environment that exposes you to heat, such material will only worsen your days.

The fibers used to make linen improve the air floor so the fabric will never stick to your body even when your sweat. The good airflow helps reduce perspiration and keeps you cool and comfy.

Conducts heat

Aside from increasing airflow and absorbing moisture, linen is a great conductor of heat. This means it takes heat away from your body into the air, keeping you cool. What’s more, this fabric reflects heat.


Since it is made of natural material, linen has antiallergic properties and can help prevent skin disorders such as eczema. It’s also ideal for people with dry skin. Note that hot weather can worsen allergic reactions.

Why wear linen dresses?

They’re versatile - You can wear linen dresses for any event. It doesn’t matter whether you are going shopping with the girls, a date, or picnicking with your family. These linen dresses come in many styles, so you can always find one that matches your wearables or occasion.

Fashionable - the timelessness of linen dresses makes them unique. The fact that linen clothes have been worn for thousands of years is testament to their excellent quality. Therefore, even if you are unsure what to wear for an occasion, you can always put on your linen dress and look chic and confident.

They’re easy to care for - Linen dresses do not require as much attention as dresses made from other fabrics. All you need is cold water. Avoid using detergents containing optical whiteners or bleach as they can weaken the linen. You can dry the dresses naturally or use a tumble dryer. Remember, you do not need to iron linen dresses to make them look fantastic. Top-quality linen clothes are usually a bit wrinkly, and that’s what makes them stylish.

Linen dresses: our best picks

Now that you understand the advantages of linen dresses, let’s take a look at G Linen’s best picks for summer linen dresses:

1. Light Blue Señorita Dress – Azzuro

Light Blue Senorita Dress

The light blue Señorita dress is designed to provide maximum comfort and is stylish, making it a fantastic piece of evening wear. You can pair it with heels or even flip-flops when going to the beach or doing other outdoor activities. It’s available in XL, L, M, S, and XS sizes.

2. Belle Crème Frayed Trim Shift Dress

Belle Creme Frayed Dress

As the name suggests, this linen dress comes with a frayed trim along the neck and arm openings and the hem, making it fashionable. The Belle Crème Frayed Trim Shift Dress is available in XL, L, M, S, and XS sizes, where 170 cm (5.57 ft.) represents the small size. The outer is made of 95% polyester and 5% wool, while the lining is 100% polyester. The V-neck dress is sleeveless, has two front welt pockets and gold-toned pins.

3. White Marseille Dress – Blanco

White Marseille Dress

The simple but classy White Marseille Dress can be dressed up or down and is a great fit for many occasions. Available in XL, L, M, S, and XS sizes.

4. Natural Beige Marseille Dress – Sabbia

Natural Beige Dress Marseille

You can wear the charming Natural Beige Marseille Dress on multiple occasions. It fits well; you can dress it up or down and comes in XL, L, M, S, and XS sizes.


5. Natural Beige Señorita Dress – Sabbia

The Natural Beige Señorita Dress is cosy and chic. It’s perfect for warm evenings, and you can match it with flip-flops or stylish heels. You can find it in XL, L, M, S, and XS sizes.

You can't go wrong with linen dresses. From the above points, you can see that it offers a ton of benefits compared to dresses made of other materials. See our collection of G Linen’s top-quality luxury linen dresses and shop now.


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