How to Properly Care For Linen Clothing

How to Properly Care For Linen Clothing

How to care for linen clothes

On those hot days with the sun beating down, how do you stay cool and protect your skin from harsh UV rays at the same time? That cotton spaghetti strap sundress just isn't going to do both jobs for you.

Linen is a textile we've had for thousands of years. Made the flax plant fibres, linen clothes stay cool to the touch and get softer over time. It's very breathable and moisture-wicking. There's no better choice for modest, attractive clothes that will keep you cool. 

Linen also has the benefit of being a higher-end fabric. It looks more put together than other plant fibre alternatives such as cotton so you can wear it to work, to run errands, and for semi-formal occasions. Linen is an effortlessly stylish choice.

However, improperly cared-for linen clothes will start to fall apart over time because they lack elasticity. You'll need to follow the instructions on your clothes and general linen care tips to get the longest wear out of them. 

Use this helpful guide when washing your favourite women's linen clothing.

Machine Washing

The good news is, though they require some special care, linen is mostly very durable.

This means that you can toss your linen in the washing machine! As long as your clothes don't have other components that can't be machine washed you can use your washing machine. Always check the label on your clothes to be absolutely sure.

Once you've checked the label and you're good to go, set your washing machine to a delicate setting. Use a cold temperature for both wash and rinse, and make sure that your water level will be high enough that the linen has room to move room. Getting scrunched up in the water will eventually weaken the fibres of your linen.

Hand Washing

Washing linen can be a tricky task, so you may be better off handwashing where you'll be able to see the action up close.

Place your clothes in a clean sink filled with cool water and mild detergent. Gently move the clothes around in the sink to make sure they absorb the water and detergent. Never twist or wring your linen clothes as this could break the fibres.

Drain your sink, and refill it to begin rinsing. Repeat as many times as necessary until the clothes and water are soap-free.

Stain Removal

Some methods for stain removal on linen clothes are too abrasive for the delicate material. Bleach is far too harsh, and should never be used on linen clothes.

If you find a stain, first try removing it with a bit of club soda. If that doesn't work, you can try hairspray or rubbing alcohol, but test an inconspicuous area first to make sure it won't affect the colour.

If neither of those work, take your linen clothes to a professional before trying any more drastic methods.


You may be wondering - does linen shrink? The answer is yes! Not only can linen shrink in the dryer, but the heat and harsh spin can also damage the clothes. There are other options for drying linen clothes. 

If you'd like to release some wrinkles, tumble dry on low for a very short period of time - five minutes. Then, hang them on a hanger or drying rack or lay them entirely flat to dry.

Do not wring the linen. If you have excess water to remove, gently roll them in a towel.

You can also skip the wet step altogether by getting at-home dry cleaning products. As long as your clothes go in the dryer already dry and you use medium heat, they won't be subject to shrinking or damage.

Ironing Linen

Most irons come with a special linen setting. Iron your linen clothes while they are still a little damp from washing. You'll be able to remove wrinkles with the steam that is released from the fabric.

If your clothing is already dry when you want to iron, spritz it with a little water or use a steam setting on the iron. You can use a spritz of sizing too if you'd like to help your linen clothes keep their shape.


Keep an organized closet so that your linen clothes can always be hanging. Repeated folding in the same spot on linen could cause the fibres to eventually break along the crease - leaving you with an unsightly hole.

Make sure your closet is a dry place so that your clothes don't experience even minor water damage which can result in mould or mildew growing.

Store your linen clothes in plastic garment bags during months when they are not seasonal.


Unfortunately, linen has a tendency to wrinkle even while being worn. Here are some tips for handling that.

If you're wearing a linen jacket, remove it before sitting for a long period of time. Keep a coat hanger in your office and car so that you can hang it up until it's ready to be worn again.

Linen pants can wrinkle just upon sitting down. Pick your pants up slightly from the knees as you sit down. This will prevent wrinkling in the back from your body heat by smoothing out the surface.

Keeping Your Linen Clothes Nice - For a Fashionable, Modest Wardrobe

Linen is one of the most luxurious fabrics that you can own. Linen clothes women look cool, effortless, and fashionable. Plus, you'll be able to wear modest styles while beating the heat. Make sure that your beautiful linen clothes last a long time by using gentle machine and handwashing practices, air drying, and steam-focused ironing methods.

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